Tiger's Eye Kitchen Island
Golden Tiger's Eye
Golden Tiger’s Eye


Tiger's Eye Kitchen Island
Tiger’s Eye Kitchen Island

A fantastically designed kitchen island with its fully functional aspects like a water outlet, a hand-washing sink, cutlery drawers, electrical switches, cabinets for storage etc.

The best and the most luxurious aspect of the island is, its counter top, made with Golden’ Tiger’s Eye in a brick pattern.

It is believed that the tiger’s eye combines the 4 elements of the earth, fire, sun and sand. The gemstone is popularly seen in its rich golden brown color and intense brilliance.

This gemstone cannot be backlighted and has to be provided a backing in the form a base like stone, wood, metal sheet, honeycomb, glass etc.

Ideal for farm houses, villas, penthouses. Looks great with the modern open kitchen concepts.

Get one customized for your dream kitchen.