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    Brown Agate Open Kitchen

    Have a wonderful modern kitchen concept with open styles with brown agate. Back lit the gemstone to give that ultra luxurious look and feel to the entire ambiance.  ...

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  • Rustic Blue Agate Bathroom Wall Concept

    Blue Agate Bathroom Wall

      Have a splash of the Blue !!! or the swirls of the Agate !!! or have them both with this new concept of the ‘rustic’ feel of the...

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  • Petrified Wood Dining Area

    Petrified Wood Dining Room

          Have a feel of the woods in your dining room with this ultra luxurious gemsurface,”The Petrified Wood”. Have a full range of brown and earthy hues...

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  • White Quartz kitchen island

    White Quartz Kitchen Island

    White Quartz Slab     Make your kitchen a dream kitchen with the sheen of White Quartz beautifully back lighted. The counter top on the kitchen island makes the...

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  • Petrified Bathroom

    Petrified wood Bathroom

          This unusual  patterns of ancient tree rings with a full range of brown, earthy hues. Get the feel of nature in your bathroom with these natural...

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