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Decorating your home or office interiors is an art and not just a task. It involves both fun and imagination to make it happening, whether if it is a simple thing of placement of furniture or picking up artifacts or selecting the colors of the walls. It’s more or less like a creative piece of work involving both time, effort, money and a lot of imaginations.

But a few simple things can make this task a little simpler. Mistakes start immediately when you start taking things on a hands-on basis. Therefore having a vision and to plan that vision is important.

In this blog, i have tried to identify 6 things that make this task a little easier for D-I-Y home doers.

Keep it simple –  What i have usually scene on my visits for interior consultations is that when people tend to re-do their abodes, they want to have everything in one room. My strategy -“K.I.S.S” – Keep It Simple Silly.


Keep it simple

Having an overloaded room is never trendy. Therefore ones’ collections of souvenirs and collectibles should be minimized and if not discarded then stored out of sight.


Be rational and creative – Second most common mistakes that people do, is they want to have an exact copy of the trend that is in fashion. If there is an article on home interiors or a video makeover they see, they immediately want that. If you follow and copy each and every trend, it will do nothing except making your home look like a home decor store and nothing else.

Dont follow every trend

My suggestion, have your own personal touch to your house, after all its yours, its you who would bring the warmth, character and charm to it and not the trend. Invest in some timeless collections that suit your decor and not over power your interiors with them.


Have some samplings done – An important thing to kept in mind, is to have a sample test done for the wall decors. If you are getting the walls painted have a larger surface / swatch area as a sample test rather than a small one. A common mistake is to instantly approve the color. You should never do that, give some time for the color to settle and observe the variations at different times of the day.

Large paint sample

This makes a big difference. For other applications such as wall papers, stone or wall art, if possible make a little expense on a 3-D image and have the feel and character of your room.


Everything has to be proportionate – A clutter will make your house look like a circus, and this is definitely that you would want. The furniture should be in  appropriate proportion. This would not only make you move around easily but will also make your room more accommodating and spacious.

Furniture mistakes

As I initially said, planning is the first step, make sure that you have the dimensions of the room when you are purchasing your pieces of furniture. Have the floor plan handy.


Lighting is important – I have often seen that many people tend to forget the lighting aspects of the room. This results in repeated tasks of making lighting provisions with wall millings and undercover wiring.


Make sure that you have the switches and power points at the right and practical places and hence should be decided at early stages.


Never try to finish quickly –  Doing interior is an art, and if you rush things, there are more chances of making mistakes and rectifying these mistakes are costly. Its better to spend some more time in the planning and deciding stage. One should be absolutely sure about what they want before starting any kinds of jobs.

Take your time when doing your furniture or selecting the wall decor, flooring, lighting and much more. In any case you will not finish the renovation in a day and one always have a budget, so proper planning makes it sure that you are not living with your wrong decisions for some time.