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Natural Agate

Natural Agate

Nature is always beautiful and so are these natural colored agates. Ranging from ivory and white to deep grays and browns, these semi-precious gemstones slabs are ideal for interiors such as countertops and wall applications including kitchen backsplashes and bathroom shower surrounds etc.     These beautiful gifts of nature can […]

White Quartz Slab

White Quartz

White or Milky or Snow Quartz, is opaque white quartz; it is supportive for lesson learning, realizing limitations and utilizing tact. It can be back lighted for extra effect.      

Brown Agate

Relatively a new stone in the Indian Market, Brown Agate has already made a tremendous success in the European and the American markets. The natural brown color effect along with the crystallization display of the agate create a very soothing, earthy and yet a very luxurious effect to the whole […]

Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper is considered a grounding stone. It keeps one centered with the earth during higher spiritual works. Jasper motivates us to move out of apathy into action. It helps us avoid over-thinking and over analyzing and encourages us to just enjoy the experience of living – now. Zebra jasper’s […]


Bloodstone is also referred to as heliotrope in Greek which simply means sun turning. Many believed that the sun turns red when this stone is immersed in water.  It comes in dark green color with spots of red almost resembling droplets of blood. Hence named as the BLOODSTONE. Bloodstones were […]