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Archive for Month: December 2011

River Shells

River Shells         River Shells are a cheap substitute of the Mother Of Pearl (MOP) which is quite commonly sold in the market today as MOP. It does belong to the same family but is NOT MOP. It is a very reasonable option for wall claddings and […]

Sea Opal

  Sea Opal is a very different and difficult specie of the abalone shell. What makes it unique and different is its natural brown shade which appear like sea waves and the characteristic abalone glow adds to its natural beauty. Matches very well with natural wood color interior or furniture. […]

Red Carnelian

Red Carnelian     Red Carnelian brightens up the room or the interior because of its vivacious color. Commonly used in bars and TV consoles as it provides the necessary blend of color to the surroundings. A backlited version is a treat to the eye with its natural rounds. Available […]

Golden Pyrite

Golden Pyrite     Golden Pyrite has a golden metallic color and finish. Mostly used as overlays since this is an opaque stone and cannot be backlited.

Pyrite Black-Gold

Pyrite Black and Gold   (PICTURE UPLOADING SHORTLY)   This family of the pyrite stone is basically a selected version as it has black and gold colors. ¬†Preferred in an overlay style on back of marble or wood.