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Coming from the family of jewelers, i was introduced to these gemstones right from an early age. My grandfather always said,”For selling gemstones you have to be stone-hearted”. By this he didn’t mean to be cold, hard or uncaring in personal life, he actually meant that as a jeweler never get fascinated by these gemstones. Don’t get emotionally attached to these. And, this was something i learnt quite early.

Today, we sell gemstones from and to all over the world, some are jaw-struck beautiful and a delight to look at, some are the rarest of the rarest, but we do not hold them close to the heart. If we crack a good deal, we sell them.

Stonesmiths, also started with this impression in summer 2009. It happened by chance. I was searching for some different type of interior related product and happen to see something beautifully created from these gemstones. At first, it was difficult to accept that something so artistic, creative and innovative can be created from these gemstones. I always saw gemstones in the form of jewels only. But this was an eye-opener.

It was a long and time consuming project. We had to find artisans who could do such kind of intricate work. Luckily, after through right sourcing and networking, we found a team of craftsmen who were willing to do the kind of job that we wished for. They also seemed to be excited about learning and further enhancing their skills. They had some experience with the gemstone inlaid work which has been going on from decades but had never thought of using these materials for products that we wanted to create.

Inlaid work craftsman
Inlaid work craftsman

Once the team was established, it was a little easy bring the thought process into reality. We first started with the simplest of things. The first order we did was a lapis lazuli wash basin.

Lapis Lazuli Basin In The Making
Lapis Lazuli Basin In The Making

Since then we haven’t stopped making articles from these beautiful gifts of nature. We have made slabs, counter tops, vanities, furniture pieces, wall cladding, bathroom and kitchen back splashes, kitchen islands, sofa sets, dinning tables, beds, coffee tables, floor tiles and what not.

Since then, we have upscale the production line and the production vendors. We have been on a constant strive to improve the quality of the finished products in terms of the polishing, finishing, profiling and undertaking trickiest of the jobs. We have done mobile covers, jewelry components, door knobs, pieces of insert for various furniture, flooring etc.

Its an interesting field and keeps us on the toes everyday in search of new designs and new gemstones. We started with 18 gemstones and today in 6 years we have a palette of over 260 gemstones that are collected from all over the world.